About Longhorn Limos

Longhorn Limos has been operating under the current owner and management since 1998. Over these years Longhorn Limos has raised the bar for Customer Service and Vehicle Quality, bringing a new style and elegance to the Austin and San Antonio Limousine Industry.

As the company continues to grow, the management and staff continue to work hard on keeping the quality high and service excellent. Longhorn Limos believes in bringing new ideas and events to our customers.


What is the difference between limousine companies?

It may sound cliché but the truth is, you get what you pay for. Renting a limousine for a night on the town or on your wedding day is a luxury experience, like selecting a 5 star hotel or restaurant, and is typically reserved for a special occasion. If your choice is based on price you run the risk of being taken advantage of, usually resulting in serious disappointment on that special day. Our passion is your satisfaction!

Lower prices may be a red flag for such things as:

  1. A late model vehicle - you should be sure of the year, make and model of the vehicle you are renting.
  2. Minimal maintenance - unfortunately these are just a few of the things we commonly see in Austin from "inexpensive" luxury transportation providers.
    • Air Conditioning is not functional
    • Exterior & interior lights not all working
    • A broken or missing TV/stereo
    • Damaged roof (outside and inside)
    • Dirty vehicle
    • Missing or chipped glassware
  3. No proof insurance or city permits.
  4. Chauffer's who are underpaid are unhappy which translates to poor service and a bad experience for you and your guests.
  5. Driver fails to arrive on time, or does not show up in the promised vehicle, or does not even show up at all (after your 'great-deal' low-price reservation was made they found another client who was willing to pay more and then "forgot" to call you).

Running a luxury transportation company is not cheap.
Is it worth it for you to save $25.00-$30.00 on your special occasion?

Longhorn Limos is proud to provide clean, well maintained, properly licensed and permitted vehicles driven by well trained professional chauffeurs who are courteous, prompt and helpful.

When shopping for a limousine what questions should I ask?

Any transportation company that is being run properly should be able to answer these questions:

  1. Do you have the proper licenses to operate a transportation company here in Austin? Do your vehicles have the appropriate stickers? Don't be afraid to ask about permits.
  2. Are you fully insured? Don't be afraid to ask for proof.
  3. What age is the car I am renting? What condition is it in? Is anything broken or not working?
  4. Can we arrange a time to view the vehicle prior to making my reservation? If the price seems too good to be true or something doesn't feel right be sure to go view the vehicle. There are some very poorly maintained limousines out there. Be safe and check for yourself.
  5. Is the person taking your reservation courteous, patient and detail oriented? This is an important point to bring up. The person answering the phone and representing the transportation company is a reflection of the company. If they are short, condescending, rushed or just plain rude, you may want to consider another company.

What is the average cost to rent a limousine?

Rental costs vary based on a variety of considerations. The specific cost for your limousine rental will depend on some of the items listed below.

  • Time of year (spring, summer, etc.)
  • Type of vehicle (larger vehicles cost more)
  • Day of week (weekends cost more, weekdays less)
  • Distance traveled (Longer travel times may be more expensive)

In order to better serve you we've listed some national hourly rate averages below. These figures are examples only and do not construe an offer to solicit for ground transportation,
nor do these rates reflect those of Longhorn Limos.
Please call, email or request a quote for our best possible rate!

Vehicle Type National Rate Averages (based on a 3 hour rental)
Luxury sedan (1-4 passengers) $60-$90/hr + gratuity
Stretch limousine (1-8 passengers) $80-$135/hr + gratuity
Stretch SUV (1-14 passengers - Excursions, Hummers, etc.) $150-$300/hr + gratuity
Mini-buses / LimoCoaches / PartyBuses (22 passengers and up) $150-$300/hr + gratuity

Is it possible to reserve a limousine for one hour?

According to recent studies it is estimated that 95% of the limousine industry does not provide limousine service for one hour, and there are good business reasons for this. To maintain a high quality of service for the consumer there is usually 1-2 hours of total prep (before the job) and cleanup time (after the job) for any booking regardless of length, and it simply is not cost effective for most companies to send a stretch limo out for only one hour.

To hire a limousine, most providers require a minimum hourly booking, typically 4 to 8 hours. Particular times of the year can be much busier, such as the spring. This increased demand can equate to longer hourly minimums.

In addition, each limousine service charges a standard gratuity which is based on the total fare. The average gratuity is 15-20%. Be sure to ask if it is not made clear. Either way, it is customary to budget gratuity in your rental cost. Limousine chauffeurs earn their living by providing excellent service in exchange for gratuities, much like waiters do in fine dining establishments. Please tip your chauffeur in addition to the gratuity that is already included!